About Us

As the oldest professional correctional facilities contractor in the United States, Pauly Jail has the historical perspective it takes to fully understand the real needs of the justice and correctional environment, especially when it comes to scheduling, product knowledge, and the importance of strict adherence to quality specifications.

Building upon our well-earned reputation, we have come to be known as a leading contractor for detention equipment in correctional facilities across the country. We upgrade and equip facilities using traditional installation methods, as well as modular construction, and while Pauly Jail is known for high-quality, attractive, livable correctional spaces, security is always our top priority.

What We Bring To Your Project
  • Experience - Meeting the need for correctional facilities since 1856
  • High Standards - Our reputation is driven by the quality workmanship performed on each and every project we are contracted to equip
  • Finest Equipment - We have a close working relationship with the finest equipment manufacturers in the correctional construction industry
  • Correctional Understanding - We understand the realities of today's correctional institutional environment and dedicate ourselves to meeting the needs of law enforcement in that environment
  • Superintendent - We employ our own highly trained field technicians who have been factory-trained by our manufacturers
  • Experienced Project Management - Our technicians are supported by a project management team, experienced in all phases of scheduling, installation, and operation of every product we offer
  • Detail Oriented - Quality, on-time, and within budget
Working With You

Pauly Jail can be part of your project in a variety of ways:

  • As a detention equipment contractor supervised by an architect
  • As a detention equipment contractor supervised by the general contractor
  • As a detention equipment contractor supervised by the client or client designate
  • As the expert repair and service team on projects constructed or installed by Pauly Jail

The bottom line is - Pauly Jail will work with you!