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Indianapolis Criminal Justice and Detention Facility Training Seminar

Wednesday, July 17th 2019

Live Stream Here (click me)!


Your web browser will launch automatically and may ask if you want to allow the page to open. If so, click “allow” or “open”.

If you’re a first time Zoom webcast user, the Zoom application will automatically download, or you may be directed to download it. When prompted, click “Save File”. Once downloaded, the Zoom_Launcher file should appear at the bottom of your computer screen. If it does not, it can be found in your Downloads file.

Next, click on the Zoom_Launcher file. A registration box will appear.

Enter your name and email address, then click the “Join Webinar” tab in the registration box. Please use your real name. You will then be connected to the Pauly Jail webcast.

As a webcast participant, you can submit questions during the event. Email your questions to: at any time and they will be answered during the Q&A sessions.