Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Regarding the Douglas County Metro Center

"…Pauly Jail has, from the moment I met them, contributed to our drive toward success. They played an important role in the development of the front end of the specification for the Douglas County Metro Center - a Jail Project in excess of 30 million dollars. Part of my responsibility as the Construction Manager for the project was to write the front end and review the architectural specification. I must tell you that Joe's input and commitment to protecting everyone's interest shined through brightly. He was not interested in protecting Pauly, at the expense of another team member; he simply wanted and promoted the best possible solutions for all.

In closing, Pauly Jail makes me worry less about one of the most complicated issues on a Jail Project, Detention Equipment Monitoring and Controls. They make my life easier. They have served me well to date and they have served Adolfson Peterson and our clients with the utmost respect and professionalism."

James Litwin

Project Manager