Allen County Juvenile Detention Center - Lima, OH

Scope: The Allen County Juvenile Detention Center Project consists of a 20,000-square-foot facility that replaced the previous facility. The detention facility houses twenty-six (26) beds. Two (2) of those twenty-six (26) beds are equipped as a medical intake bed and an isolation intake bed.

Pauly Jail Building Company scope of work included furnishing and installing: detention enclosures, detention hollow metal doors, hollow metal frames, detention windows, security hardware, security locking devices, security glass/ glazing, detention toilet accessories, gun lockers, and detention furnishings.

Start Date: 04/19/2018

Completion Date: 6/11/2019

Overall Construction Cost: $7,000,000.00

Pauly Jail Building Company Contract Amount: $1,411,800.00

General Contractor: Peterson Construction Co. | 18817 S.R. 501 N | Wapakoneta, OH 45895 | (419) 941-2233 Phone

Architect: K2M Design, Inc. | 141 East Ohio Street | Indianapolis, IN 46204 | (317) 727-6074 Phone | Contact: Scott Moore


Pauly Jail Building Company self-performs the installation of all detention equipment for every project and is signatory with the International Union of Ironworkers.


Partners that were a part of this project:

-  Accurate Controls, Inc. for Security Electronics

-  Hope's Windows, Inc. for Security Windows

-  Global Security Glazing for Security Glass

-  Modern Detention Equipment for Detention Furnishings

-  Norix Group, Inc. for Detention Furnishings

-  RR Brink Locking Systems, Inc. for Detention Hardware & Locks

-  Titan Steel Door for Security Hollow Metal