Barnes County Correctional Facility - Valley City, ND - Constructed in 1908

Time is not a stopping force for the Pauly Jail Building company. One of the company’s field superintendents paid a visit to perform maintenance on a Pauly Jail that was built in 1908. 111 years later, Travis Bush, one of Pauly Jail’s own Union Ironworker superintendents, returned to the Barnes County Correctional Facility to service the jail that is still currently in use today!

In early November, Barnes County contacted Pauly Jail to see if it was possible to have the doors serviced after a century had passed. The unique challenge presented intrigued the Pauly Jail team, and Travis was ready to step up and take charge with the request.

“I had to go to five (5) different antique shops, but I finally found some machine oil and low automotive grease for the flat bearings,” Travis wrote. With some re-adjusting and some “head scratching”, Travis managed to have all ten (10) cells functioning as well as four (4) dayroom doors.

The Barnes County Correctional Facility currently has ten (10) employees on staff with the capability to hold up to thirty-two (32) inmates. The county is looking to build a new facility, but they are able to use the 111-year-old facility in the meantime.

This unique story began to be shared with partners in the industry that will be a part of the construction of the new facility. “Who needs new electronic door hardware when we have hardware from the 1900’s that still functions?” asked Mark Liska, president of Adolfson & Peterson Midwest. Adolfson & Peterson will be the construction manager for the new Barnes County facility.

In addition, Klein McCarthy Architects will be the architects for the new facility. Scott Fettig from Klein McCarthy praised, “That was great work on Pauly Jail’s part.”

“I think it’s a testament to the quality of our workmanship,” said Joe Pohrer, president of Pauly Jail. “I’m proud to say that a century of passed time can’t stop our company from performing, even on a facility that is over 100 years old.”

Pictures & Video of the Sliding Door Locking Device

Travis Bush successfully performs maintenance on the Barnes County Correctional Facility's sliding doors. The videos above show the doors successfully opening and closing. Below are photos of the door mechanisms that Travis performed maintenance on.