Franklin County Public Safety Facility

Scope: The Franklin County Public Safety Facility project consists of additions and renovations to Franklin county Sheriff's Office and Jail. The expansion will include 47,000 sq.ft. of new construction. The 2-story facility will include 250 beds with additional spaces.

Pauly Jail was tasked with installing modular steel cells, detention hollow metal doors and frames, security hardware & locking devices, security glass and glazing, security electronics, detention furnishings and detention accessories.

Start Date: 03/12/19

Est. Completion Date: In Progress

Overall Construction Contract Amount: $30,800,000.00

Pauly Jail Building Company Contract Amount: $6,609,000.00

Construction Manager: Navigate Building Solutions, LLC| 9920 Watson Road| Suite 201|St. Louis, MO  63126 |(314) 458-3738 phone

Security Architect: Elevatus Architec| 111 East Wayne Street| Suite 555|Ft. Wayne, IN  46802 |(260) 424-9080 phone

Architect: FGM Architects, Inc| 10 S. Broadway| Suite 1150|St. Louis, MO 63102 |(314) 439-1601 phone

Sheriff: Sheriff  Steven M. Pelton | #1 Bruns Drive |Union, MO 63084| (636) 583-2560 phone

Pauly Jail Building Company Installation with Union Ironworkers for all Products.

Partners that were a part of this project included:

* Titan Steel Door for Security Hollow Metal

* RR Brink Locking Systems, Inc providing Detention Hardware and Locks

* Global Security Glazing for Security Glass

* SteelCell of North America for Pre-fabricated Modular Steel Cells

* Accurate Controls, Inc. for Security Electronics

* Marathon for Padded Cells

* Norix for Detention Furniture and Equipment