Indiana War Memorial - Indianapolis, IN

Scope: The Indiana War Memorial Project included furnishing and installing ten (10) new custom bronze doors, installing new hardware, and completing frame repairs. The project also included installing new insulated vision glazing to match existing original historical doors at both the North and West Elevations. Pauly Jail completed onsite bronze door finishing that provided patina to better match existing finish of the surrounding door frame, night doors, ceilings, and interior sidewalls. There was metal restoration of existing bronze finishes at both entrances for the existing night doors, door frame, ceilings, transom, and interior side walls. The existing limestone flooring at entry vestibules was replaced with new limestone and custom thresholds.

There was furnishing and installation of ADA automatic door openers at one access point of the building. This included two (2) Tormax Technologies electric door openers, concealed in the floor at the old floor closer position. The building had no other ADA accessible entry until this point. Pauly Jail installed ADA paddle buttons, an RF operator, and a receiver to eliminate hard-wire connections. This included a raceway and 120V power for new electric door openers from below.

The scope of work was a turn key installation for the State of Indiana Department of Public Works. Pauly Jail successfully restored two (2) entrances to like-new conditions for the 80+ year old historical landmark.

Start Date: 12/19/2012

Completion Date: 3/14/2014

Pauly Jail Building Company Contract Amount: $660,859.00

Owner: State of Indiana Dept of Administration | Public Works Division | 402 West Washington St., Room W467 | Indiana Government Center - South | Indianapolis, IN 46204 | (317) 232-3001 Phone

Architect: Mark H. Mitchell, R.A. | Associate State Architect, DAPW | 405 W. Washington St., Rm W467 IGCS | Indianapolis, IN 46204 | (317) 232-3029 Phone

Pauly Jail Building Company self-performs the installation of all detention equipment for every project and is signatory with the International Union of Ironworkers.

Partners that were a part of this project included:

- Global Security Glazing for Security Glass

- Hope's Windows, Inc. for Bronze Doors

- Stuart Dean for Historical Restoration Assistance

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