Posey County Jail Addition & Renovation- Mt. Vernon, IN

Scope: The Posey County Jail Addition & Renovation consisted of site work and addition to a detention facility in Mount Vernon, Indiana. This new jail, 19,000-square-foot detention facility, has a central command center where officials can monitor what’s happening in the jail at all times and an adjacent inmate day room.  The new jail also has a medical holding facility for women, 208 beds, a recreational area, and the facility is now handicap accessible. This phase of the project is complete. 

The existing jail facility will be renovated to accommodate new offices, visitation, and booking areas, and a new vehicle sally port addition. This phase of the project is estimated to to be complete June 2018.

Pauly Jail was tasked with installing 38 modular steel cell units, security hardware & locking devices, security hollow metal, security glazing, detention furniture, security mesh, mezzanines & stairs, and detention accessories. 

Pauly Jail Building Company Contract Amount: $3,188,700

Construction Manager: Garmong Construction Services | 3050 Poplar Street | Terre Haute, IN 47803 | (812) 214-4698 phone (Evansville Office)

Security Architect: RQAW Corporation | 10401 N. Meridian, Suite 401 | Indianapolis, IN 46290 | (317) 815-7200 phone

Sheriff: Sheriff Gregory R. Oeth | Posey County, IN | 1201 Odonnell Road | Mt. Vernon, IN 47620 | (812) 838-1320 phone

Pauly Jail Building Company Installation with Union Ironworkers for all Products.

Partners that were a part of this project included:

* Titan Steel Door for Security Hollow Metal

* RR Brink Locking Systems, Inc providing Detention Hardware

* SteelCell for Modular Detention Cells

* Norix for Detention Furniture 

* Kane Innovations for Security Mesh

* Global Security Glazing for Security Glass  

* Guardian for Storage Systems

* Hope's Windows Inc. for Security Windows

* SAS for Security Electronics

* Marathon for Padded Cells

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

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