Rush County Sheriff's Office and Jail

Scope: The Rush County Sheriff's Office and Jail project consists of 139-bed facility. The 54,630 sq. ft. jail project has an emphasis of addressing mental health and additions. Along with the jail there will be alternate housing for work-release inmates, additional space for the county coroner, community corrections, a 911-dispath area, and a training center.

Pauly Jail is tasked with installing 51 prefabricated modular steel cell units, security hardware & locking devices, security hollow metal, security glazing, detention furniture, security mesh, security ceilings and detention accessories.

Start Date: 02/16/2018

PJBC Estimated Completion Date: 08/20/19

Overall Construction Contract Amount: $20,000,000.00

Pauly Jail Building Company Contract Amount: $3,559,400.00

Construction Manager: Construction Control , Inc | 9602 Coldwater Road | Fort Wayne, IN 46825 | (260) 489-1400 phone 

Security Architect: DLZ Indiana, LLC | 157 East Maryland Street |Indianapolis, IN 46204  | (317) 633-4120 phone 

Sheriff: Sheriff James Cowan| 131 East 1st Street| Rushville, IN 46173 | (765) 932-2931 phone

Pauly Jail Building Company Installation with Union Ironworkers for all Products.

Partners that were a part of this project included:

* Trussbilt for Security Hollow Metal

* R.R. Brink Locking Systems Inc. for providing Detention Hardware

* Hope's for Security Windows

* Global Security Glazing for Security Glass

* SteelCell of North America for Pre-fabricated Modular Steel Cells

* Kane Innovations, Inc. (Kane Detention) for Security Mesh`

* Marathon for Padded Cells