Saline County Jail - Salina, KS

Scope: The Saline County Jail Project will be the construction of a brand new correctional facility located on the northern side of Salina. The county was looking to increase jail size and will now be able to house three hundred ninety-two (392) inmates. The jail will be offering both medical and special needs housing, and there will be a focus on rehabilitation programs. The Sheriff’s office will be housed at the facility as well.

Pauly Jail is tasked with furnishing and installing; security electronics, security glazing, window screens, padded cells, detention furnishings, security hardware, and security hollow metal.

Start Date: 8/30/21

Estimated Completion Date: 6/2023

Overall Construction Contract Amount: $75,000,000.00

Pauly Jail Building Company Contract Amount: $7,027,600.00

General Contractor: Turner Construction Company | 1220 Washington Street, Suite 100 | Kansas City, MO 64105 |

Architect: TreanorHL | 719 SW Van Buren Street, Suite 200 | Topeka, KS 66603 | (785) 235-0012 Phone

Sheriff: Sheriff Roger Soldan | 251 North 10th Street | Salina, KS 67401 | (785) 826-6500 Phone

Pauly Jail Building Company self-performs the installation of all detention equipment for every project and is signatory with the International Union of Ironworkers.

Partners that were a part of this project included:

- Accurate Controls, Inc. for Security Electronics

- Global Security Glazing for Security Glazing

- Kane Detention for Security Window Screens

- Marathon Engineering for Padded Cells

- Modern Detention Equipment for Detention Furnishings

- Norix for Detention Furnishings

- RR Brinks Locking Systems, Inc. for Security Hardware

- Titan Steel Door for Security Hollow Metal